Rapala Fishing Lures Are Truly Among The Best Lures You Can Buy

I’m sure you have tried many lures by now. But have you tried the Rapala Fishing Lures? These lures are truly significant. They are considered as world class by many fishermen. Rapala Fishing Lures have been around since 1930. They were created by a Finnish-man named Rapala. His story is simple really. This Fisherman noticed [...] Read more »

Are You Fishing with the Right Bait?

Many new fishermen make the mistake of believing that bait isn’t that important. Of course, everyone knows that having some kind of bait or lure is essential. But did you know that certain kinds of bait attract only certain kinds of fish? Experienced anglers understand this and put it into practice. Before complaining that the [...] Read more »

Three Tips for Using Live Bait More Effectively

The most common picture that comes to mind in connection with fishing is a worm on a hook. Live bait, including worms, minnows, crickets and more, is used by more fishermen than any other type of lure. With so many people using live bait, it must work. But if you aren’t seeing any results on [...] Read more »